Milwaukee County Warrant Lookup (Wisconsin)

Courts Milwaukee County, WI are judicial bodies charged with resolving legal disputes, including both criminal and civil charges. Courts also play a central role in issuing warrants. When the police or sheriff wants to issue an arrest warrant or a search warrant, a judge must first sign the Milwaukee County warrant. Milwaukee County Courts also issue bench warrants for individuals who avoid court appearances or refuse to comply with a court order. Courts maintain detailed records for warrants issued by judges, which are often available online as Milwaukee County warrant lookups.

Franklin Municipal Court Franklin WI 9445 West Loomis Road 53132 414-425-4768

Greendale Municipal Court Greendale WI 5911 West Grange Avenue 53129 414-423-2121

Milwaukee County Municipal Court Milwaukee WI 901 North 9th Street 53233 414-278-5362

Milwaukee Municipal Court Milwaukee WI 951 North James Lovell Street 53233 414-286-3800

Whitefish Bay Municipal Court Whitefish Bay WI 5300 North Marlborough Drive 53217 414-967-5125

Police Departments in Milwaukee County, WI are law enforcement agencies charged with deterring crime, stopping crimes in progress, and investigating crimes. Milwaukee County Police Departments also issue warrants. The police issue Milwaukee County arrest warrants if they have reason to suspect that an individual has committed a crime. Arrest warrants contain information on the suspect and the charges. Milwaukee County Police Departments also issue search warrants, which contain information about the suspected individual and the evidence police are seeking. Police Departments maintain records of all warrants they issue, which are often available online with Milwaukee County warrant lookups.

Bayside Police Department Bayside WI 9075 North Regent Road 53217 414-351-8800

Brown Deer Police Department Brown Deer WI 4800 West Green Brook Drive 53223 414-371-2900

Clement J. Zablocki VA Medical Center Milwaukee WI 5000 West National Avenue 53295 414-384-2000

Cudahy Police Department Cudahy WI 5050 South Lake Drive 53110 414-769-2260

Fox Point Police Department Fox Point WI 7300 North Santa Monica Boulevard 53217 414-351-8911

Franklin Police Department Franklin WI 9455 West Loomis Road 53132 414-425-2522

Glendale Police Department Glendale WI 5909 North Milwaukee River Parkway 53209 414-228-1753

Greendale Police Department Greendale WI 5911 West Grange Avenue 53129 414-423-2121

Greenfield Police Department Greenfield WI 5300 West Layton Avenue 53220 414-761-5300

Hales Corners Police Department Hales Corners WI 5635 South New Berlin Road 53130 414-529-6140

Milwaukee Police Department - District Five Milwaukee WI 2920 Vel R. Phillips Avenue 53212 414-935-7252

Milwaukee Police Department - District Four Milwaukee WI 6929 West Silver Spring Drive 53218 414-935-7243

Milwaukee Police Department - District One Milwaukee WI 749 West State Street 53233 414-935-7213

Milwaukee Police Department - District Seven Milwaukee WI 3626 West Fond Du Lac Avenue 53216 414-935-7272

Milwaukee Police Department - District Six Milwaukee WI 3006 South 27th Street 53215 414-935-7262

Milwaukee Police Department - District Three Milwaukee WI 2333 North 49th Street 53210 414-935-7233

Milwaukee Police Department - District Two Milwaukee WI 245 West Lincoln Avenue 53207 414-935-7223

Oak Creek Police Department Oak Creek WI 301 West Ryan Road 53154 414-762-8200

River Hills Police Department River Hills WI 7650 North Pheasant Lane 53217 414-247-2302

Saint Francis Police Department St. Francis WI 4235 South Nicholson Avenue 53235 414-481-2232

Shorewood Police Department Shorewood WI 3936 North Murray Avenue 53211 414-847-2610

South Milwaukee Police Department South Milwaukee WI 2424 15th Avenue 53172 414-768-8060

University Of Wisconsin - Milwaukee Police Department Milwaukee WI 3410 North Maryland Avenue 53211 414-229-4627

Wauwatosa Police Department Wauwatosa WI 1700 North 116th Street 53226 414-471-8430

West Allis Police Department West Allis WI 11301 West Lincoln Avenue 53227 414-302-8070

West Milwaukee Police Department West Milwaukee WI 4755 West Beloit Road 53214 414-645-2151

Whitefish Bay Police Department Whitefish Bay WI 5300 North Marlborough Drive 53217 414-962-3830

Wisconsin State Capitol Police - Milwaukee Unit Milwaukee WI 819 North 6th Street, 52 53203 414-227-4691

Sheriff Departments Milwaukee County, WI are law enforcement agencies that police crime for a local area, often at the county level. Milwaukee County Sheriff Departments issue warrants for people suspected of committing crimes. Milwaukee County arrest warrants contain descriptions of the suspect and the criminal charges. Sheriff Departments may also issue Milwaukee County search warrants, which contain information about the targeted individual and the evidence sought by the sheriff. Sheriff Departments maintain detailed records for their warrants, which can be searched online with Milwaukee County warrant lookups.

Milwaukee County Sheriffs Office Milwaukee WI 821 West State Street 53233 414-278-4766

Milwaukee County Sheriffs Office - Airport Division Milwaukee WI 5300 South Howell Avenue 53207 414-747-5360

Milwaukee County Sheriffs Office - Patrol Division Wauwatosa WI 10190 West Watertown Plank Road 53226 414-454-4100

Milwaukee County Sheriffs Office County Correctional Facility - Central Milwaukee WI 949 North 9th Street 53233 414-226-7000

Milwaukee County Sheriffs Office County Correctional Facility - South Franklin WI 8885 South 68th Street 53132 414-427-4700